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Stair Lift Installation

Acorn Exclusive FastTrack Installation

Acorn offers complete services that include premium equipment and stair lift installation. The company's installers do a detailed job that makes sure your stair lift is fully operational and safe.

  • Acorn Stairlifts are Custom Fitted
  • Installation in Less Than an Hour
  • Engineer Guides You Step-By-Step

Acorn's unique revolutionary FastTrack® system can be fitted on-site to the most complex stair lift configurations. FastTrack is a unique modular rail system, which can be adapted to follow the profile of the staircase. By selecting exactly the right shaped interlocking rail sections, Acorn expert engineers can custom-fit and assemble FastTrack rail to your staircase.

The Acorn Stairlifts Installation Engineer will arrive with a mobile stair lift workshop. The installation can take less than an hour for a straight stair lift and just a few hours for a curved stair lift. The stair lift will be put through a thorough testing procedure designed to make sure everything is working just as it should, for optimum performance.

Customers with an Installation Technician